Bikash Technical Training Cente (BTTC)

  (An organization for human resource development)\

                                                                                                                                                                                             Message Managing Director:   

Bikash Technical Training Center (BTTC) is an organization devoted to work for the welfare of women and children, day labors, working people, professionals, employees and their families as well as to establish fundamental rights, human rights, human cultural and democratic values, development & growth of consciousness, gender quality and to raise the standard of creativity with skill related technical training, life based skill education for over all socioeconomic development of human resources.


BTTC believes in human resource development and gives a high priority to this arena, providing training since its inception. Training is considered an integral part of the BTTC programming activities and is defined as a systematic change in the knowledge, skills, attitude and / or behavior patterns of a person or a group of people.


It is an independent registered organization demonstrating public partnership initiatives between civil societies, corporate and government agencies in linking learning and livelihoods for communities of children, youth and women “at risk”.


Legal status:           

For the legalization of the organization BTTC got registration from the Department of Joint Stock Company, Bangladesh under the Section 58 (1) of the Partnership Act, 1932 (IX of 1932) vide Registration No: PF-30128/99 dated 30-11-1999.


Vision statement of  BTTC:         

Vision of BTTC is to reach out to the adolescent at risk by providing a life based skill education and livelihood promotion module, which combines formal education with vocational training skill, job oriented training, life skill modules, job placement and career exploration opportunities, through an experiential mode, aimed at developing confident individuals capable of self directed growth.


Mission statement:           

Our struggle for all sort of discrimination and violence free just society based on Economical, Social and Cultural Rights as well as civil and political rights of the People.



To establish a soceity eeconomically balanced where all are well skilled workforce, not any other means, would determine Dignity and Status.



To reach the goal of the organization, BTTC setup the following objectives as stated below:-

To establish Technical/Vocational Training Center for Skill development. BTTC considered the following activities as integral part such as;

Training need assessment;

Course curriculum and module development;

Training material and handout development;

Organize Training;

Conduction and facilitation of different training courses;

Resource base development &

Training monitoring and follow-up.


To establish Non-Formal Technical School for working children;

  • Reduction of illiteracy through education, motivation.
  • Arrange vocational and skill development training with advanced education.
  • Eliminate child labour, provide education, training and welfare services for working children and their parents.


  • To establish Community based Service Center on various social aspects;

–           Create awareness with regard to human fundamental rights & ensure the social and economical                development.

–           Provide health, maternity and childcare services including family planning and STDs/HIV/AIDS.

  • Protect workers from abuse of drug and terrorism and to conduct programs on the Occupational Health & Safety.
  • Organize the unorganized workers of informal sector, agriculture, handloom, textile and garments in particular.
  • Undertake activities for overall development of living standard of the workers to improve working condition.

To support Legal aid, Disabilities development & Disaster risk management;

  • Undertake rehabilitation and welfare program for the disabled, oppressed, juvenile delinquents and the prisoners.
  • Conduct programs on productivity, pollution and environment.
  • Help creation of alternative job for discharged, terminated and unemployed and the deprived workers;
  • Provide advocacy services, legal support to the working people and to take initiative for insurance scheme;
  • Undertake programme on women development and gender issues, social safety nets, compensation for illness, accident, death etc. and women & children trafficking;
  • Survey Research data collection, compilation and dissemination &
  • Undertake programme on human resource development, good governance and co-operatives with worker’s welfare activities.


Training related Activities of BTTC:      

Training is an ongoing learning and development process of BTTC. Any new leaning is essential for every one. Considering these BTTC emphasized on human occupational skill development training in the following sectors.

i:          Technical/Vocational Training;

ii:          Human resources Development Training;

iii:         Established community based services &

iv:         Support for legal aid, disabilities & Disaster Risk management.